Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Scattered Thoughts

Happy Monday FUNday peeps!! Hope your weekend was as productive and mind boggling as mine was! NOT... I hope you got to enjoy the break from the chaos that happens during our week!!

I'm linking up once again with the lovely ms. carissa from lowercase letters for a Miscellany Monday!

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:: American Idol ::
I'm so disappointed at American Idol... rigging the results (I believe) to make Jessica one of the last two final contestants! WOMP!! Yea she's great, and her vocals are outta this world... but she just became boring. She wasn't taking any risks or making any differences! Now JOSHUA on the other hand branggg it... every single Wednesday he brought it... in each one of his performances. How can you let go of THIS talent?!?!

AHHHHHHH... BUT, one of my faves from the very beginning is still in it to win it (as Randy would say)... PHILLIP PHILLIPS!! Remember his audition video?!?! I remember quite clearly b/c it was one of my first posts on this mighty fine blog with his mighty fine self! Anyhoots, I'm rooting for Phillip and I just know he's gonna win... he's so unique, in his own zone, and handsome!! Watch this video and drool yourself!

:: Trident ::
Last week, I asked one of the coaches at work if he had a piece of gum, and bless his heart... he gave me an entire pack, brand spankin' new of my FAVE gum!!

:: Wedding Countdown ::
One month away from making official-dicial in front of our loved ones in Maui wow-ee!! I can't wait to have my final defense (soon my friends... and before I take off to Maui!) and I can't wait to be in the sun and not have to worry about it going away!!

:: Blogger Winner from ::
If you guys follow Lauren Conrad's blog/website, you should know that she had a fashion blogging contest. One that I made sure to vote on each time we were given an opportunity to do so! One of my daily reads was a contestant, Anna from Fash Boulevard, who actually won the contest!! Anna's sense of style is BANGIN! Makes me want to shop til I drop each time I look at her new outfit posts!! She totes knows how to accessorize to the max!! Anyhoots, she had her first guest blog posts on last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed :) Check it out!

How was your weekend? What are you doing this mighty fine Monday FUNday morning? Linking up with lowercase letters??


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ahhh! I'm doing a happy dance for you over here!
It'll be here before you know it :)

Going to check out that Fash Boulevard blog now!


Bree said...

My weekend was good, super busy. Fav parts: drive in movie with hubs, ladies luncheon party, and cuddle time. :)) I can't believe Josh is out of AI. Totally ridiculous :(.

Molly said...

Yay for only a month left! My weekend was super DIY heavy. I spent an hour yesterday breaking a part my pallet. Fair warning; those suckers don't come a part easily.

Momma B said...

The next month is going to FLY by! I love your wedding website and the fact that you're getting married on your anniversary -- we did that too and I'm so glad we did! Enjoy these next 30 days! :)

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, i only watch the auditions now of american idol, but i remember really liking phillip phillips! yay!!
congrats on only one more month until the big day! it will just be beautiful!!
and congrats to anna. adore her!
xo TJ

brooke field said...

getting married in hawaii? wow that sounds spectacular. congrats!

Brielle said...

AHH ONE MONTH!! So excited for you!!!

Dale JaneƩ said...

What a cute post and I just found your blog. I love Fashboulevard too and that is so cute about the stick of gum. Sorry to hear you weren't a fan of the outcome, I still need to get into that show more.


lucia m said...

wow!! only one month!


Alexis @ Christian WifeStyle said...

Oh wow! One month until your wedding?! I bet it will be beautiful, can't wait to hear about it!


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