Thursday, May 31, 2012

If you were stuck on an island...

How many of you have ever been asked the question, "If you were stuck on an island, and you only had 1-2 makeup items, what would they be?" I've been asked PLENTY!! And my answer??

You will never catch me without my winged black eyeliner! Thanks to my gooorl Lauren Conrad, I have found ways to make the winged liner easy peasy (okay cheating with some q-tips). But hey!... Who doesn't use q-tips while putting their make up on?! Check out how easy it is yourself!

I use two eyeliners, one black pencil and one liquid eyeliner. Sounds a bit much, but it doesn't give me the line I want if I only use one vs. the other. Not that I'm an expert like TBD (The Beauty Department) ladies, but here's a brief run through of how I apply my eyeliner:
  • I apply the pencil liner first, starting from the inner part of the eyelid close to the lashline, and end it on the other side of my eyelid. 
  • Then I use the liquid liner to trace over the line I made with my pencil, but this time instead of ending at the edge of my eyelid, I wing it out, just like the video above! 
  • The pencil liner makes it appear as one solid line... if I only use the liquid liner, the line is too thin and looks a bit shaky, BUT... 
  • The liquid liner totes make a difference making your eyeliner bold, and it makes a great wing compared to the pencil liner.
The other thing I can't live without is my mascara!! Love me some mascara... sometimes if I'm rushed and only have time for one thing, I'll whip the mascara out (I can apply mascara far better than my eyeliner when I'm in the car!!). And of course, we all know how to apply mascara, and I don't have a routine except coating, coating, and more coating!

The best part of my eyeliner and mascara obsessions is that I don't go broke buying them! My go-to brands for years have been MAC, mark. (on the "to order" list since I last ran out), e.l.f. (who doesn't like dolla makeup?!), and more recently Maybelline. 

1. e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner (Target - $1)
2. Full 'N Soft Mascara (Target - $8.99)
3. MAC Studio Fix Lash (MAC - $15)
4. MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil (MAC - $15)

mark. Liquid Eyeliner (mark. - $6.50)

I've been looking and looking for pics you can see my eyeliner up close and personal, but I really don't have in your face BAM close pictures. So here's my bestie to fill in for me (can you tell I absolutely la la LOVE the 2nd pic, being that I posted it here too?? I think she looks so FAB in that cover!):

What are your must haves when it comes to makeup?

Don't forget to enter the big giveaway going on up in herr? 3 days left my friends, and I can't wait to see who wins the gorg wheatgrass ring!!  


Molly said...

Ah I wish I were talented enough to do this with eye liner. I haven't even tried liquid liner. I may have to spend a few hours in my mirror working on this.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

This makes me want to go try this RIGHT NOWWW!
I'm so awful at doing eye makeup...BUT practice makes perfect right?!

I'm starting to fall more & more in love with your BFF!

How are her books?!

:) xo

Anonymous said...

My fave liner to use is the Maybelline Line Stilleto Precision liner with a felt tip. I used to use the Loreal Carbon Fiber liner which I loved but it started to irritate my eyes (Well all L'oreal products that is).

After using the liquid liner, I go over it with a black eye shadow to soften up the look. That way I am not left with the little shine that some liquid liners leave. :)

Chelsea Crouse said...

I'll have to try the liquid liner over the pencil. I love using Urban Decay's glide on pencil in Zero and L'Oreal's felt tip liner.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

So pretty! I personally cannot pull off this look- not sure if my head is too small or what, but when I do too much in the way of eye makeup, my eyes disappear..but it looks super duper amazing on you pretty girl!! My post today is similar- things I can't live without!

His Little Lady said...

aw, love this! i really need to get some new liquid eyeliner. oh lauren conrad, you get me every time!
xo TJ

Bree said...

Oooo love!! You wanna come do my makeup? :))

I cant live without my orange covergirl lash blast mascara!! :)) Favorite, can't go a day without it!

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