Monday, May 28, 2012

A Happy Memorial Day... and some Secret Blog Pals

Happy Memorial Day America!! I'd like to first and foremost shout out a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to all of our soldiers who have fought for us, and who continue to fight for us! Thank you for risking your lives so that we have a life to live.... Thank you for being the bravest group of people I know... Thank you for staying positive even when you're in a foreign country!

Thank you MOM for the never ending battle you fight as an Army Reserve... Thank you MOM for going to Iraq in your year of being deployed... Thank you MOM for being able to deal with work and life during your time in the military.... Thank you MOM for the gift of life!

While today is a great celebration for our soldiers who fight the never-ending battles, it's also a time to celebrate our reveal party for the Send Something Good project!! I know I spilled the beans in the beginning of the month with what I sent my secret blogger pal Kelley at A Crooked Trail, and then spilling the beans again a few weeks ago, showing you guys what I got from Gabby at Design Muse, but today is the official day we're all revealing our pics from Send Something Good!

What a great and fun way to get more involved in the blogging world!! Loved the entire concept and idea around it all. Thanks to these lovely ladies for setting it all up... Gentri, Kaitlyn, and Kristy! They matched us up with a secret blogging pal, which we were supposed to visit their blogs on the regular and get a sense of what kind of person they are... get to know the in's and out's of what they're interested in and what they like.

I had the privilege of getting to know Ms. Kelley at A Crooked Trail... a lovellly young lady who is full of energy and life, and is quite an adventurous, which I envy!! She is happily married to the ONE, and one thing I instantly learned about these two is their love for brewery. You must check her blog out at A Crooked Trail, and discover her awesomeness out for yourself! Here are a few pics from the package I put together:

The flip side to getting to know a secret blogger was having someone getting to know you and your blog!! I was lucky enough to have a sincere and thoughtful secret blogger like Gabby from Design Muse. When I received her package, my heart pitter-pattered by seeing how thoughtful she was with just the wrapping!! She used PINK duct tape for goodness sake!! Annnnnddddd there was a box full of gifts and gold tinsel inside! LOVEEEE it!

She wrote little notes on each individually wrapped gift on PINK labels, and she really pulled out bits and pieces of my life from my blog! I felt like I was receiving a package from a family member, that's how on point she was!! Here's some of the pics so you can peep her coolness out for yourself!

Welp, I know I covered a lot in this post, but then again, you have ALL day today to read it since you're off from work and/or school, right?! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!! Xoxoxo!


Niki said...

Your Mom sounds amazing!!! I hope the weather has cooperated for you this weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

HEY THERE!!!! said...

THANK YOU to your momma for her bravery!!! How fun is the secret blog pal! I cannot WAIT for all the fun under the so cal sun with the blog life!!! Love and Miss you BETHerlyyyyyyy!!!!! Cant WAIT for our skype date :)

Gentri said...

I love kelley! So fun that you had her. :) Both of these packages are gorgeous!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Happy Memorial Day to you!! Just wanted to say that your mom ROCKS!! Tell her your bloggy friends appreciate her too!! :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

patience said...

you both put so much effort into it (and i love her wrapping too!!). you've made this project a real success thanks!

the lovebirds said...

Wow- your mom sounds so incredible! Happy memorial day to you! xoxo

Shannon said...

Happy Memorial Day! Love your package. So pretty and thoughtful.

lori said...

what an amazing momma you have!

and love your package... your partner was a lucky one! super cute.

Shauna said...

Yeah for the Send Something Good Project! You got spoiled, and I love how you included maps, thats a great idea!

Jes said...

love that you sent her corvalis and oregon maps! i sent my package receiver some oregon magnets and portland related goodies too :)

new follower!

Ashley said...

What a great idea to send a DIY project! Might have to steal that idea for the next round :)

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