Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi-LOW Friday! Hug Hug... Kees Kees!

TGIF!! WOOP WOOP! This week has flew by... just like the rest of the weeks have been! I've been waiting for this weekend to come... perfect time to get most of my work done without disruptions of having to go into work! Wish me luck that I finish all revisions for the big D this weekend (and some!). 

Of course, I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!! LET'S GO!


:: one ::
I am SO stoked about the lovely secret blogger package I received from Ms. Gabby at Design-Muse for the Send Something Good project we participated in! Totes made my week (or life since I have these things forever!)

:: two ::
I know a thing or two about a thing or two, and I KNOW and love my coffee!! I'm a serious coffee drinker... and I like it straight up BLACK and too hot to sip right away! SO, my bayyyst frannnd bought us this bad boy when she came for the weekend! WOOOOP!! Same coffee... different pot... BIGGEST difference! Definitely gives me an extra kick for bikini bootcamp early mornings!

:: three ::
My sister sent me these pictures of our funny younger brother... made my week!! Love seeing his animated self getting into character... even the dog was entertained (2nd picture)!

:: four ::
All this nice hot sunny weather has been beating these two up!! We've been out way more than the usual trying to soak up the sun, which means I've been getting way more quiet time which I need to work on my dissertation revisions!

:: five ::
THE ROOSTER... my Pop's 1969 police special Harley Davidson! My aunt sent me this picture on Mother's Day. He went for a bike ride with my Uncle (panhead purple Harley to the left) while the ladies had a nice brunch at the house. I love and miss this bike... I  miss hearing the pipes rumble when he's a block away... I miss riding on that back seat (TRUE STORY- when I was younger, he used to bungee cord me to his stomach b/c I would fall asleep on the freeways!)... I miss it ALL!! The best part of the Harley?? Pops built it ground up!! AH-MAZING work and he gets to enjoy it every single day!

It's been a great and busy week (actually two weeks since I didn't get to share any of my faves with you last Friday... I spilled a few over to this week!). Thank you guys for your continued support with the big D. I'm still plugging away, and I'm in the midst of revising revising revising :) The time is nearing for my final defense, and I can't WAIT!! EEEEKKKKKK!!! 

Don't forget to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk on this mighty fine Friday!


Bree said...

Eeek your getting close to being done right!? :)) yay for new coffee machines, that one looks awesome. You need to tell me all about this bootcamp- what kind of moves do you do? I'm alway looking for new ideas... Have an awesome weekend Bev!! :))

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I praise you for being able to drink black coffee. I have to add flavored creamer...Ha!!


Anonymous said...

Love that your dad burpee corded you lol that is so funny! and hooray for your new coffee pot! good luck on the D! xox

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

Oh my word! I looovvvee my coffee too and I always drink it black and extremely hot! No one understands me around I'm glad that I've found you and your similar love of coffee.

I'm going to take a sip of mine as soon as I sign off on this comment... :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ohhh your package looks like a good one!
Yay for awesome mail :)

And I'm not gonna lie...your younger brother is CRACKING me up hahaha!


Brooke Edwards said...

You're cute dogs look exhausted! haha I love soaking in as much sun as possible! Good luck on your revisions! So exciting!!

Happy Fridayyyy!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

girl...i can not drink coffee before working out.


but, go you!

Kara said...

Love the pics of your pups! Have a great weekend lady!

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