Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy MAY!!

Happy Tuesday lovely frannnds!! Hope your Monday wasn't so dreadful... can't be because Tuesday is already here! WOOOOOP!!

Today marks many new exciting beginnings... let me educate you all on this Educate Me Tuesday with the happs!

  • 90 day challenge with Leigh Anne at Hart to Heart begins TODAY!!
  • 50 day count down begins TODAY!!
  • I will begin to draft my Discussion chapter (last chapter) TODAY!!
  • I will eat clean with less processed foods and sweets TODAY!!

These are things to be excited for, yet anxious and scurred. Starting a challenge with a group of lovely fellow-blogger gals feels amazing. Everyone is super encouraging and the best part? We're going through this all together!! Whether it be a weight loss goal, toning up goal, or running/walking a marathon... they are all goals that are doing our body some gewwwwd! So I am ecstatic to begin this journey today!!

I can't believe it's 50 days away until I DO!! I am beyond excited to take our vows in front of our loved ones, and of course before our Creator :) This is pushing and motivating me to finish up my dissertation and shoot to have my final defense by end of this month.... leading me to...

DISCUSSION CHAPTER... this is the final chapter of a dissertation... BUT that doesn't mean this means the end of writing.... we all know feedback can be very draining, so I'll be focusing most of my energy in revising away this month! However, I am very excited to get this chapter drafted so I at least have a baseline to get feedback on!

And eating clean... oh how I've attempted to do this so many times... then BOOM!! There goes that one bad day we all have at least once a month that sends me directly to the sweet department. Gummy bears make me feel like a new person, and I'll be saying good bye to frequently eating those! Also the quick processed foods that get us through weekends... I shall be departing that frequent habit. That doesn't mean I'll deprive myself completely and not treat myself... but keyword? TREAT... once in a while kinda thing... the whole purpose of being a TREAT!

So cheers to May 1st!! And cheers to almost Mother's Day! The most important celebration in life... celebrating and honoring the women that gave us LIFE :)


Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

Yay for the 90 Day Challenge!! I'm doing it too (in case you didn't know)! I can't wait to begin!! :)

And my hubs and I are on a clean eating journey too and that's part of my 90 days :)

Anonymous said...

You have some great countdowns ahead!

Jessica Sieberg said...

yay for 90 day challenge!!! I am apart of it as well!!! This is very exciting for all of us lovely ladies!!

&& YAY for 50 days until your BIG day.

super exciting things to look forward too.
Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Yayy for the 90 day challenge! I might have to try this too :) love how close your wedding is getting!!! xoxo

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

May is an existing month for you girl!

I LOVE the idea of the 90 day challenge!
You're all going to do awesome!

He is about to be one lucky man...on the real!

Happy Tuesday, friend :)

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Today is such a great day for you girlfriend!!!
I wish I had gotten on board with the 90 day challenge! Isn't Leigh Ann great!!
Can't wait until you say 'I Do"!! I am so excited for you!!
And YAY!! Last chapter!!!
Have an amazing day!!! You deserve it!!!

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