Monday, May 7, 2012

Update with the 90-day Challenge

Good Monday FUNday Morning!! I hope everyone had a glorious weekend, as my weekend was surely productive! And today the sun is shining and making Monday a non-dreadful one!! The good thing about having sunny days is that it's super duper light outside when we work out outdoors at 5:30am!

Which leads me to the 90-day challenge update! It's week 2 (as of tomorrow), and it's been a glorious week. Having awesome inspirational women and motivating words from Leigh Anne has helped stay on track. Eating clean is quite time-consuming... it's not as easy to make your food vs. pulling up in a drive through. It's also not as easy to say NO to sweets at 3pm when you're at work and need a pick me up! BUT, I will say this... eating clean definitely makes me feel different. I don't feel guilty, bloated or dissatisfied!

For me, the weekend is the hardest to stay on track! It's always been "FREE" days for me... let go and eat all I want because I eat so good during the week. It always seems like weekends are holidays, and I get DOWN on holidays. This weekend, I found myself getting acquainted with the sweets...some special gals introduced me to sour grapefruit, PINK whoppers and some!! HELPPPPP!!

I'll need to rely on my fellow 90-day challengers and friends to stay on track during the weekends! SO please help a sista out and remind me that weekends make the biggest difference too! Let's start this Monday off right, and keep it clean throughout the day... and the week(end)! Any tips??


Rebekah said...

Good Luck with the challenge. I recently signed up for my first 5K run (posting about it tomorrow) and that has been keeping me motivated!

Jessica Sieberg said...

makes two of us girlfriends.. weekends are the hardest time for me to stay on track... & than I always feel guilty when I cave.. I am hoping this coming weekend will prove that I can survive the weekends of clean eating

BlushnCheeks said...

Here are some tips lovely Beverly. If you do really well all week long and want to snack on the weekends with bad food. Just think about this; if you eat bad food on the weekends, you will be starting all over again and in your process. You won't be making any headway with your physical self either. Who wants to start the process all over again and never see any results. If you feel like a sweet snack, I suggest making your own chocolate covered fruits, like strawberries or bananas. Also do flavored waters, get Mio, they are tasty. Do kettle corn too, if your in a sweet n salty mood. But just a small serving of both, all in moderation don;t go overboard. And don't think of it as a punishment that your not eating all those delicious foods. Think of it as a reward to your body, which is a temple. You only deserve the best for your one body.
You can do it, I have faith in you.

Bree said...

Ugh, you and me both!! :( We need to like post EXTRA on the facebook wall on the weekends so we keep each other focused!! :))

Meg {henninglove} said...

good for you for taking up the 90 day challenge and having people hold you accountable definitely help!! good luck on this journey

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