Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's a scrummy kinda' day!

Hey there... Hi there... Ho there!! Happy Thursday!!... the almost Friday mark!... and another chance to shine the light on a fellow blogger of mine!!

I'm spotlighting a scrummy dessert-making bloggette I've had a pleasure getting to know lately, Ms. Brooke from The Little Delights in Life. She's got great YouTube tutorials on cake pops, buttercream and fondant roses (my have!), Memorial Day cupcakes, and some!! Check em out here!

Go check her out, and tell her LARGE MARGE SENT YA! (I guess you'll get that last line if you watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure repetitively like me!)

Also, if any of you are interested in sponsor swapping for the month of June, holler at your goooorl!! I'm also on the hunt for some of my lovely peeps to possibly do some guest posting for me while I'm gone... you know... GETTING MURRRRIED!!! Please email me if you're interested in guest posting for the second half of June! I'll also be making some changes around this bloggy blog once I finish my final defense which will be adding some features of sponsoring. Remember... I am learning as I go along in this bloggy blog world! Happy Thursday my friends!!


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Love Brooke!! Great post!

Brooke Edwards said...

Thanks girl! You're so sweet! Your wedding date is coming up fast! I'm so excited to see your pictures :) Happy Thursday!

Marcie Jean said...

Yayy for weddings!!!! Those are always so much fun...mostly because you're the star of the night! :) And I pretty much fell in love with your blog the second I read the title! La la love it!!

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