Friday, May 25, 2012

Lots to Celebrate!

TEE-GEE-EYE-EFF!! Not only is it Friday, but it's Memorial weekend.. meaning a 3-day weekend (for most) and sales sales sales!! If I get my "to-do" list accomplished this weekend, I may just find myself in I don't know... maybe... H&M!! At least that's my motivation ;)

Linking up with Ms. Lauren at From My Grey Desk, I'm counting down the five most fave things from this week for a HIGH FIVE for Friday!


:: one ::
First off the most obvious fave of this week... PHILLIP PHILLIPS winner off all AMERICAN IDOL!!! Woooooop!!!

:: two ::
Went down to the Hallmark store this week, and got some "just cause" cards (you know how happy-pants I get from stationary and doodads). Welp my happiness continued when they bagged my things in this cutie patootie bag!!

:: three ::
We had our first family portrait time.... at home... from the laptop! (and yes I wear my huge jacket in the house b/c I am 24-7 freezing!!)

 :: four ::
Thanks to you lovely fantab ladies, I was able to get some superb tips on accomplishing the beach wave look in my hurr! I shall be experimenting this weekend.. starting off with transforming my curling iron into a wand by removing the clamp!! Thanks for the responses (and compliments) from this post!

:: five ::
With this glorious long Memorial Day weekend, I shall be saving money on gas and staying home to start on my power point presentation for my final defense... time is nearing and I'm nothing but EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!

You wonderful peeps enjoy your lovely long weekend if you haven't already had a head start! 

Also, if any of you are up to guest posting in June while I'm away getting murrrried, please email me and let me know ;) SMOOCHES!


Brook said...

Woohoo Phillip! Love the family portraits.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing to celebrate! a Relaxing weekend that even longer than usual.

Anonymous said...

Girl! When he started crying, I about lost it. =)

Love the family portrait, too! =)

Keep Shining,

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Yeah!! happy long weekend girl!! (Ours was last weekend!!) We have the same Hallmark bags here!! So fun eh!!
Good luck with the powerpoint but make time to relax!!!
Have a great weekend girly!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hahaha I love that you have the eskimo jacket on inside...hilarious!

AND let me just say, that you look GORGEOUS in the blue pants picture...forreal!

I just love you and love your attitude :)


His Little Lady said...

loving the family portrait :)
and am really loving that phillip phillips won AI. i remember saying he would go far during the auditions. woo!
xo TJ

With Glitter On Top said...

SUPER cute blog!! Love it :):) please come check out mine some time!

Laura said...

I'm working on beachy waves too - gonna have to try the curling iron trick!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The Sweet Life said...

I haven't watched one episode of American Idol, but I might be in love with Phillip Phillips that wierd? Haha! I used to be obsessed with that show, but ther is just something about a man with a voice!! SO sexy.

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