Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wishing and Pinning!

Happy Wednesday! This week is flying... maybe because I have too much to do in too little time! Anyhoots, today marks another glorious moment to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Here are the top ten pins from this past week. Oh how I wish I had money to invest in everything I see online!! I want it ALL!

:: one ::
I absolutely love the sequence and the layers of pearls!

{pinned here}

:: two ::
Floral heels AND peep toes.... YESSSS

{pinned here}

:: three ::
This back is nothing but pure sexaaaay!

{pinned here}

:: four ::
Gotta keep my fit game face on!

{pinned here}

:: five ::
Found this DIY hair piece on the lovely adorable blog, Sincerely Kinsey

{pinned here}

:: six ::
Nothing more bliss like some colorful tulips!
{pinned here}

:: seven ::
Nuff said!
{pinned here}

:: eight ::
Love this work of art!
{pinned here}

:: nine ::
Sooooo spring!!!!
{pinned here}

:: ten ::
Very true... so go and do those things!

{pinned here}
If you haven't linked up, go see Michelle and link up... like NOW! This is one of the funnest link up parties in the universe!


Laura said...

Happy Pinteresting Wednesday! Love your pins... all of them :) Have a great day!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

#7..amen! And #8 is one of the coolest things evvaaa!
Why can't I think of super creative stuff like that?!

I agree that this week is's crunch time for classes! YIKES!

Happy Wednesday, sweets! :)

Molly said...

That low backed dress is amazing.

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

I am loving the picture with the girl & flowers! So unique and beautiful! Love all your pins today, so fun!

Happy Wednesday :)

Amy Powell said...

sequins & pearls are so beautiful together! and that flower-as-a-skirt photo is beautiful!

Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on & would love for you to enter..}

Marie Danielle said...

Lovely pins! I like that diy hair peice so much...,,

Anonymous said...

Love the flower pictures! Oh creative people, how I am jealous of you!

The Sweet Life said...

I love love love those floral heels!!!! And that sequin top with the pearls is to die for.

BlushnCheeks said...

I love every single pin. I have always been drawn to layered pearl necklaces. I have an obsession with them, buy buy buy. I love the picture with the flowers and the girls. Its freaking awesome. I might have to start doing this party link.Sounds like me, Since I have Pinsomnia.

GingerPeachT said...

I'm your newest follower!! Love your blog, and I'm a fellow LC fan! Hehe
I found you via the "posh" post and I'm the one who sells it! Let me know if you would like to host an online party and get free posh products! :-)

Now I want some tulips! Lol

Emily said...

Love your pinterest finds!! The heels are gorgeous!

Giovanna said...

Great pins! Love love love the floral photos! Amazing!


Kara said...

Love #7 and #10. Good ones lady!


Sara Louise said...

It's been raining for days where I live and I could really use some pretty tulips that like to brighten things up :)

His Little Lady said...

oh wow, the draping of the back dress is gorgeous!
and nothing is better than tulips! just perfect!
xo TJ

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