Friday, April 20, 2012

Fastest Count Down to Friday...

Happy peppy Fridayyy heyyyyy!!! This week went awfully fast! Not in a good way.. b/c I should have more progress made with my data analysis, but the reality is I don't. I'm stuck like I was two weeks ago. Spoke with a committee member, two cohorts and my chair this past week, and I get great tips and resources from them... then when I am off to do it on my own... BOOOOOOM!!! Stuck like a deer in headlights!

I can only control one day at a time though. I know I'm putting in the time and effort... it's just in slowwwww motionnnnn and it's killing me :/ Anyhoots, enough of my sad SAME story (yes... you'll be reading this until it gets DONE, so thanks in advance for your support!).

Good news is it's Friday which means I get to dedicate two entire days (minus taking the dogs out) to work on this issue I'm having... which means another shot at making progress! WAHOOO!

Linking up again with the lovely Lauren at From my Grey Desk for a HIGH Five for Friday!!


Let's begin with out five faves from this past week, shall we??

:: one ::
After teaming up with Jess @ Lovely Little Things for her Smell the Roses this past week, my boo sent me a sweet text and made my week!

:: two ::
I had a super duper soar body particularly this week, which means I'm developing muscles that are hidden somewhere in herrrrrrr! Obvi I don't resemble her, but I sho FELT this way this week!

:: three ::
{this one is for my fiance} We got new tires (not by choice) on the truck, which totes make it feel like a new car! It feels like we're driving in the clouds!

:: four ::
My wedding shoes came in the mail!! WOOOOOOP! So excited and just can't hide it! 61 days to go!!

:: five ::
My man is a strong one... in the core and all :) I was soooo impressed when he showed me this... only b/c I would only dare to do this with the help of the wall!!

Yay for Friday's link up for High Five for Friday at FMGD... now off to work my tater off! Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I love your positive attitude! good luck! have a great weekend xoxo

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

We'll always be here to support you...until the end of that data analysis! (I might not know what it is but I'm still supporting ;))

LOVE that you use those little emojis in your text...I use those things like they're going out of style...and thanks for the shout out BTW!


Sarah said...

Im like Jessica, I dont know what a data analysis is but I know you can do it!!! Im kind of in the same boat I have two papers to do this weekend. One is 8-10 pages and the other is 15-20 pages. Needless to say Ill be holed up in my room all weekend.

Emily said...

That video is awesome!
Very impressive...and funny :)

Happy Friday, Beverly!

Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

WooHoo for 61 days!! The countdown is what got me through all the waiting and planning. Loved to cross days off each new morning.

Happy Weekend! :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Hey there!! Thanks SO much for coming over and visiting our blog! We are so happy to have "met" you. :-) Love this post too! 61 days until your wedding??? YAY!!! That is way too exciting!! And love the video your posted. Tell him to go one with his bad self!
Following you via GFC! Have a great weekend!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

61 days is sooo soon!! I am so excited for you!! I wish I was planning my wedding still (only a little bit though)!
I think I felt like that girl this week too! Bring on the muscles!!!
Happy Friday Lovely Friend!!

Anonymous said...

can i please look like that fit woman like rightnow?! : )

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