Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep it!

Happy Tuesday my loves!! Today on this Educate Me Tuesday, I wanna preach about how important it is to keep and organize all your school documents.

As I go through this phase of statistical analysis, I'm digging through notes and lecture slides from my first year of graduate school 5 years ago (yes... don't judge me on how long it's taking to finish this lovely PhD)! I thought it would be wise to share with you all some tips that I did follow to make things manageable, as well as some tips I wish I had followed to help make things more accessible and organized! So listen up... whether you're in undergrad or graduate school!
  • Each semester/term, save ALL notes sent electronically in a separate folder. I created a folder for each semester in my email (i.e. "Fall 2012"). This includes lecture slides, handouts, or syllabi.

  • Buy a separate folder for each class you have, and store all printed documents in here.

  • Whether you take notes directly on your power point slides (which I highly recommend) or on separate notebook paper, keep all notes filed in this folder with other documents.

  • Keep all quizzes, exams, and labs.. these are KEY to important information you may utilize later on.
  • Keep all text books if you are able to get by without selling them back... these have been great resources for my dissertation!

For my Masters degree 2nd year project, comprehensive exams, and dissertation writing, I have referenced my notes, books, and cohort! You will utilize every piece of information you learn from your first year, through the last course you take, especially in graduate school! Good luck my friends!


Amy Powell said...

OMG, amen!! I did all of this while in school & could NOT understand how others made it through without it!

great tips :)

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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Glad you posted this before I started grad school :)
I feel prepared already and I still have a year before I start!

Thanks giiiirl!
Happy Tuesday!

Alexis @ Christian WifeStyle said...

Great ideas! I so wish I would have been more organized with my note taking when I was in school.

Giovanna said...

Great ideas! Love the folders!


Caitlin C. said...

Girl, you are so organized. Thanks for inspiring me!

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