Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thank You!

Hello world and a happy Thursday right to you!! I've been through some major data analysis foreign kinda work these past few weeks, and I'm up to HERE with the stress!

BUT... I am super duper thankful for many blessings in my life during this chaotic time....

  • A glorious soon-to-be-husband who is my biggest cheerleader
  • Good health
  • Supporting family and friends
  • Statistical text books
  • AND... I am sooo thankful for your support on my blog!! 

This blog has become a filter for me... to filter out a "normal" side of me and a place where I don't have to worry about spelling, being grammatically correct or anything!! You guys have made this journey fantabulous, and I am so very grateful for your blogging support through the thick and thin!! I can't believe my followers are growing!! This is much to celebrate in itself!!

Which leads me to...... A GIVEAWAY!!! Yup!! I'm partaking in one of these bad boys once I reach 100 Google Followers!!! Not much further to go, so I'm excited and already have ideas of what I'm giving away!

Since it's my first go-round at a giveaway, I'm not really following any protocol according to the blogging world :) Once I reach 100 Google followers, I will post a HIP HIP HOOOORAY and reveal what I'm giving away, and how you can qualify!!

Thank you my family and my dear friends... for helping me get through some rough times!!


erica marie said...

Love this post, such a good thing to celebrate all the wonderful things in life when you get stressed.

xo erica

Anonymous said...

love all of the things you are thankful for :) and can't wait for the give away!

His Little Lady said...

it's definitely all about thinking about the positive! and yay to soon to be husbands! enjoy this time!! it's the best!
xo TJ

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Look at you girl!
Amongst all this stress you post about how happy you are- you are an amazing lady miss Beverly!!
(And I am also glad to know someone else says 'fantabulous' and I am not alone!)
Really looking forward to your giveaway and watching your blog continue to grow!!
So happy you feel at home with all of us and that you can be yourself!!
You are a beautiful person- please don't change!!
Happy Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Good for you for seeing things to be thankful for! You are so close to that hundred mark! I. CANNOT. wait!!!

Allison Taylor said...
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Allison Taylor said...

woohooo! I'm glad you're happy right now. Yay for good friends and family. Hey so exited that you're almost at 100 followers! Now following you :)

BELL HERE said...

found your blog from lovely little things. super cute! i think i just may have to be a new reader! okay...i am. :) i'm doing a bloggy giveaway as well! $50 pottery barn gift card!

also, since we have the same amount of you want to do a little button trade?

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