Friday, September 28, 2012

Last H54F...

... of September!! How can I ever depart from this lovely link up with Lauren?? TGIF! I'm happy because of course it's Friday, but sad that it's our last Friday of September!! Dear time... don't go by so fast!!!

For now, let's focus on the happy feelings of Friday, shall we? Beginning of the weekend... a day away from our game against U of A... which means a parlayyyyy heyyyyyy!! Of course, I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk today... because it's F R I D A Y!! Counting down my top five fave moments of my week, here's a High Five for Friday!

:: one ::
Treated myself to this awesome possom album No Doubt released Tuesday! I will always be a fan of their music!! Love the new songs... think my fave might be Sparkle... or One More Summer... or all!!

:: two ::
My friends (aka my doggies) and I have been enjoying some mighty fine weather lately which makes our runs quite bliss.

:: three ::
I made my first batch of stuffed bell peppers for din din, and they came out DELISH (validated by my hubs)!! 

:: four ::
Had some fun putting together and sending out a care package for my younger cousin who just moved away from home for college... if you missed that post, read up on it here!

:: five ::
We are counting down until my Bestie Best gets murrrried!!! Just DAYS away from being a Mrs., and I couldn't be more excited for her!!
Isn't this the most gorg picture you've seen of a proposal?!?! In Cabo... by total surprise!!
Don't forget to link up for a High Five for Friday with Lauren!! Happy weekend my lovies!



Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I have a lot to say here!
First of all...the title of this post SCARED ME! I was afraid you were out of the H54F action :( Don't do that to meeeee! haha!

Those stuffed bell peppers looks DELISH! I've always wanted to try to make them! My goal when I move is to cook more :)

That little care package will make your cousin one happy college student! You're the sweetest!

And the picture from #5...PRECIOUS! Almost brought a tear to my eye...I love it!

Happy weeeeeeekend, sweet friend!

Steph said...

I've been wanting to make stuffed peppers for awhile now, yours look so good! Happy weekend!

Amy said...

AHHHHH that engagement picture is adorabl.
STUFFED PEPPERS YUMMMM i will have to do that this weekend for real!! :)
and no doubt! girl they're awesome lol

Brielle said...

AW LOVE THAT ENGAGEMENT PIC!! And HATE that it is the last Friday in September- where did our time go!?!? Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!! xox

Brielle said...

AW LOVE THAT ENGAGEMENT PIC!! And HATE that it is the last Friday in September- where did our time go!?!? Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!! xox

thewhitedish said...

Awesome H54F! I hope you check out mine too, I also made some great stuffed peppers this week and included them as part of my high 5! Check it out at thewhitedish,

Elizabeth Benfield said...

that proposal picture is so sweet!

Amy said...

Aren't stuffed bell peppers amazing?! My roommate made them once, sooo good! And that proposal picture is soo pretty!!

Sarah Grace said...

i've had the no doubt single stuck in my head all day,,,it's so catchy!

happy friday!

xo, sarah grace

Lady Jane said...

Cograts to the bestie Celina! I attended elementary and middle school with her, and we all looked forward to the day we marry the prince! So happy for her. :)

Erin Rethemeyer said...

Hey girl!
Thanks for the sweet sweet comment on my blog!
Love your slice of the internet pie! How adorbs!!!

Ok - I am slightly obsessed with you.
I need to eat those stuffed peppers!!!
No Doubt is one of my ALL TIME favorite bands! And that pic of your friends engagement - i die.
Love it!!!!


Nicholl Vincent said...

cutest proposal picture!

Have a great week!

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