Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surprise Suprise!

I want to acknowledge the lives that were affected by one of the country's most horrific attacks on 9/11. Today marks the 11th year anniversary of such a tragic loss, which you can read more about here. May the Lord bless the families that are still grieving over their loved ones they lost, and our entire country for the pain we all suffered together. Be there for one another and love each other "just cause."

SOOOOOOO... notice anything new around herrr?!?! That's right.. I got a blog-over and I'm la la lovin' it!! My goooorl, Aubrey at The Kinch Life hooked me up with an adorbs face lift! If you haven't heard/read about how she gets down with her designing skills, peep game at The Kinch Life Designs. BOOM! Surprise #1!

Surprise #2 (as I gave away it today's post title...Surprise Surprise)... I debated on writing a 2nd post yesterday to boast in the glory, but thought I would swoon over the news today along with my new blog-over! Soooo guess what?!?! My BFF of all mankind, Lauren Conrad, answered my question on her blog! She's been keeping a Fashion Week Diary on her blog, which has been just splendid for all of us who aren't lucky enough to be there in person!

She opened the floor to questions on her Day 1 post, which I just had to comment on. I was just dying to know the inside scoop on how to keep updated with NYFW!! While getting my daily dose of LaurenConrad.com, I read her shout out to me as she answered my question! YABBADABBADOO!!

Read about my Q&A time to shine here!! She spills about different ways to stay in tuned with the latest happs at Fashion Week!

What a superb week it's been thus far, and it's only Tuesday!!



Molly said...

Love the blog makeover! It looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blogmake over! it is AWESOME :) Hope you have a good Tuesday! xox

Amy said...

The blog make-over is AWESOME! It looks absolutely fantastic!! :) :) LOVE IT!
And lauren conrad...what?! That is crazy awesome sauce!

Alexis [Living the WifeStyle] said...

I love the new design! And how sweet is a shout out from LC?!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love the fresh new look, Bev! Congrats on the new blog home!

Niki Caron said...

I LOVE the new design! It looks awesome!!!

Bree said...

Your blog looks gorgeous!!! I really love it! <33

Um- how exciting for LC to reply to you! Amazzing! :D

So happy you're having a good week!


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