Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Goes On

Goodbye... Farewell... Ciao... Toodles... Aloha... Tofa Soifua

Words that aren't always easy to say to others. Whether you're moving, leaving home for school, changing jobs, departing with a loved one as they start their eternal life... whatever the situation may be, saying goodbye is hard. I recently had to say goodbye to some people in my life, and I was sad, overwhelmed with gratitude, excited and nervous all at once. I'm not ready to go into detail with what my farewell was for, but in due time friends, I'll spill the deets when I'm ready.

What I am ready to share with you all are the feelings that I had, and will always have when saying farewell. It's a sad time to leave friendships that you have established, but it's also a time to celebrate a new beginning! I've been feeling scared and excited lately... scared that what's going to happen is unknown, but excited for a new chapter to begin!

You ever feel that you just want to redefine yourself? Start fresh? Become someone new and improved? That's the great part of farewells my friends... it's a time to celebrate a new YOU! I'm gonna miss some people I had to say farewell to, but guess what? Goodbyes are not forever, and I will always cherish the relationships I have built along the way. I may be sad now, but as they say....

Situations that I go through in my life may be difficult, but I feel they all serve a purpose. My life continues to go on, and through my experiences and life lessons I have learned, I will help anyone who needs it along the way.

Now for my LLL's of the week... what I loved, learned, and laughed about:

I la la LOVE the fact that we beat UCLA who was ranked number 19 in the top 25 this weekend!! The Beavs are now 2-0 and ranked number 19 in the AP Poll! WOOOOOOOP!

I learned that when I'm dealing with things in life, I am never alone. I have very sweet dear people in my life, and I am so blessed for the relationships I have established. A phone call from a dear friend out of nowhere made the world of a difference in my week!

My Aunty called me and told me the funniest story about my little cousin... he's in 2nd grade, going on to graduating high school! This kiddo is quite a character. He's been coming home bragging about his friend at school, which is all my Aunty has been hearing of lately. When my Aunty asks him, "Does he play football?"... my little cousin says, "Hmmm.... how should I say this Mom??... He's.... well, he's fragile. He doesn't like getting hurt!" LOL... F R A G I L E ... Are you kidding me?!

How was your weekend friends? Any LLL's of the week you wanna share?



Brook said...

Goodbyes are hard but I love that you can see positive. Have a great week and I hope you have many more laugh moments. Fragile is pretty funny.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

You are NEVER alone! Please know that! I am also struggling with the fact that every experience serves a very important purpose in the grand scheme of your life. You are an amazing person and you are S t r o n g!!
Have a great Monday!!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Well sometimes change is good, I redefined myself 4 years ago and I can say it changed my life for the better! Goodluck with all your endeavors. I hope you had a great weekend!

Chelsee @ southern beauty guide

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Bev! Your attitude is something that I truly look up to and respect! I love how you look at everything in a positive way :) Even things that seem kinda crappy, like saying good bye!

Thanks for being awesome and thanks for being YOU!

You're wonderful!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love this, Bev!

Amy said...

FANTASTIC post, you're right...saying goodbye is full of joy, sadness, fear, and the's a huge cluster of different emotions.
You put it so beautifully...and life most certainly goes on.

~n said...

Awww sole, this makes me sad and habbi! I'm glad you're doing some spring cleaning in the fall. New beginnings is great, I myself had to start a whole lot of new beginnings this year, and I wouldn't change it one bit. So ummmm I better not be one of the 'farewells' lol Love and Miss you mucho mas!!!!

Ese-boos mom said...

Bev, u r so right. Transitions r a part of life. Preach! Exits for new things in my life too. But for sure im rollin w life!

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