Monday, September 10, 2012

Victory Weekend!

Happy Monday FUNday! Hope your weekend was as fantab as mine was! We had family over (always a good time!), and we celebrated our season opener against Wisconsin with a W!! BIG news... this team has one of the best running back's in the universe, and our defense was  on FIAHHHHHH! ... First time to stop the running back from not scoring a TD since 2010, and first time to stop him from running at least 100 yards in a game! Just makes us ooberly excited to start this football season and continue on this road to success. We just have to continue putting in the work!

See that BIG BOY, #77?? THAT'S MY BIL!! Don't stop get it get it!!

Enough football (for now), and onto my LLL's of the week:

I love and appreciate that my family drives over 14 hours to visit us and come show their Beaver believer pride at football games!

I learned to not take anyone or thing for granted... life is too short to not say I LOVE YOU each and every day of life. 

I hysterically laughed when my little cousin asked if he can take one of our dogs home with him to "babysit" until his next visit, when he would bring them back to us! A heart of gold, I tell ya! 

What were your LLL's of the week?



Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

I HATE wisconsin. You have no idea how much I was cheering for your team!! Yay!

Abbey said...

I didn't realize you were a Beavers fan! My bf is from Corvallis, so there was some celebration happening here in Kansas, too :) Holding them to only 35 yards rushing? AMAZING.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Something I have NO IDEA about...glad it was a great time though! I also had a family-filled weekend and i agree-always amazing!!
Happy Monday FUNday my dear!!

Casey said...

Such a great game! We were cheering from Independence!

his little lady said...

haha, congrats on your team winning girl! you are just too cute! and of course, i always love these LLL posts. especially what you learned :)
xo TJ

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