Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last HOORAHHH for Birchbox

Tuesday already, and I'm lovin' it!! As September winds down, I thought I would share my Birchbox that I finally received in the mail!! This will be my last Birchbox for now, as I decided to cancel my subscription for many reasons... one being that I never bought a full sized product b/c I just LOVED one of the samples they included. SO, I decided to cut costs, and live through the rest of you who are still subscribed!

Cheers to the last horrah of Birchbox for me! And I must say, I was totes satisfied for being the last box I'll be receiving since I've been waiting forever and a day to try out a twistband!

1. Color Club Nail Polish inspired by Fall 2012 Collections //  2. WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit (Cleanser and Moisturizing Face Tint) // 3. 21 Drops Focus Aromatherapy Blend // 4. Nexxus Split End Treatment System

The items I didn't capture by photo are my fave maroon colored twistband, and an uber Roasted Nut Roll bar that was nowhere near as good as a Payday!! All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my last Birchbox!

What did you guys get? You'll have to fill me in with your future boxes now that I'll be living vicariously through you all!

ON A SIDE NOTE... anyone interested in getting down with some button swapping?? I wanna put more time into my buttoners, and would love to kick off October with some new, old, and friendly faces! Holllllah at me if you're interested!



Chelsea Crouse said...

I left Birchbox a long time ago because none of the samples wowed me except my twist band! Now I only use them in my hair.

I did sign up for next month's Glossy Box though. It's $21 but from what I've seen in the blog world comes with a lot of great products.

Amy said...

I'm totally canceling my subscription after october! PLUS i've racked up some reward points so i can buy something full sized.

Niki Caron said...

That's good that your last birchbox was a pretty good one! I love the twistbands!

Seeking Style said...

I've been hearing so much about these boxes lately - I need to look into it!

xo Jennifer


Momma B said...

I've bought quite a few things with % off and rewards points from Birchbox, but nothing that has actually come in my box. I'd be better off using Ulta coupons. When my subscription is up, I won't be renewing either!

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