Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday

YAYY!! It's Friday once again! That means 2 days of trying to sleep in! Sadly, this weekend will be without Beaver football... it's our Bye week. BUT that doesn't mean we won't be watching Pac-12 football on TV! WOOOP!!

Of course, I'm High Fiving Friday with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. You know the drill with this link up! Here are my top five fave things of the week as I participate on High Five for Friday!


:: one ::
As you may recall from this post, we got that double-YOU and won our season opener, knocking out the #13 team, Wisconsin! We had family over for the game, and had a fun filled weekend!

:: two ::
I am in la la LOVE with my new bloggy design (thank you Ms. Audrey at The Kinch Life Designs!!)

:: three ::
I was and still am so excited that my BFF, LC, wrote a shout out to me this week, answering my Q&A for NYFW!

:: four ::
I submitted my first proposal to present at our big annual conference for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology this week! They receive a ton of proposals, and only select very few... very exciting process, and definitely a starter for me to condense my dissertation to submit for publication in journals.

:: five ::
This week has been another superb one full of sunshine and heat!! So much heat that the dogs have been dead doggy tired every day, especially after our run! The reward for me when our run is over is some peace and quiet (not to mention the calories burned).

What's been the happs with your week?? Link up with Lauren and spill!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

GIRRRL! I am obsessing over your new design! Aubrey did a beyond fantastic job :)
It suits you perfectly!

Looks like your week was a gooood one!
So glad to see that!

Enjoy your weekend, friend!

Amy said...

I LOVE how close you & your family are! <3
AnD EEEKKK i'm still all flippin out that LC wrote you back! :)

Mallory said...

Hi Beverly!
How awesome that LC answered your question! Seeing all kinds of tweents and Instagram photos about NYFW made wish I had been there!

LOVE your blog! So cute!

xoxo, Mal

//Katie said...

Love the blog design! So pretty :)

Molly said...

The blog looks awesome! I have been thinking about getting a blog redesign. I may wait until closer to the 1 year of actually blogging mark.

Have a great weekend pretty lady =)

Anonymous said...

AHHHH LC!!! OMG I would die! WAYYY AWESOME you got a shout out! WOO WOO. And WOO WOO on the football game- that looks like SO much fun!! Have a good weekend girl xox
ps you make married life look so much fun!

Elle Sees said...

wow how awesome for you!!

Amy said...

Hello Hello!!
I nominated you for the versatile blogger award in my post today!

I've enjoyed reading your blog and i want all of my readers to find you too! :) happy monday!

Chelsea Coleen said...

girly! your blog looks AAAAAMAZING! so in la la love with it :) hehe

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