Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring and Bare

One reason why I cannot wait for Spring time (if it ever hits this side) is to wear dresses without tights!! Don't get me wrong... mornings and evenings can still be a bit nippy, but nothing a grandpa cardigan can't fix! The exciting thing is legs will be bare (in a classy way, of course) once that sun heats up!

These are the other hottie-patottie shoes I got for my birthday! Cheetah print and sky high heels... WINNING! (if you missed the outfit post with the hot pink kicks, click here).



Jo said...

Love the shoes!
I can't wait for it to start warming up here either! I'm actually wearing a dress today (with tights)

Amy said...

those shoes are amazing, i would break my neck, but they are amazing! :)
Love the outfit!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I wish I could rock heels like you! Your legs look FAB!
I'm more a flats kinda girl...I need to step it uppp!

Yay for dresses sans tights! That's my ultimate favorite thing to wear :)


Steph said...

I am beyond ready to ditch the sweaters and tights - come on already spring!! Also, super cute shoes!

Gina Gao said...

I like those shoes so much!


Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

You are so gorgeous!! You are totally rocking the heels...my problem with heels is my height...if i wore those i would be 6 feet tall!

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