Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Call Me Maybe

How many texts do you send and receive a month?... Or am I the only one who fascinates over that huge number when I see it on my cell phone bill? All I can say is... thank you AT&T for UNLIMITED texting! I text so many times a day just cause... good morning texts, good afternoon texts, good night texts, I love and miss you texts, thinking of you texts.... on and on and on. Texting has been uhhhh-mazing in my life, especially just to keep in touch with my fraaaands that are so far away!

As hard as it is to comprehend, there are some people who just don't do texts. Most of which are my older peeps in the family. My Mom, Dad, aunties, uncles.... they certainly receive a text and can reply with an occasional "ok" but I'm not sending them text messages asking how they're doing... how their day's going- kinda thing. These are instances when the phone actually serves it purpose... to dial a number and speak with the other person.

Which makes me think... calling someone to check in with them takes just a few minutes out of your day... a few minutes that you're spending anyway going back and forth in text messages. So why not just pick up the phone and dial that number? Hearing your voice is much more meaningful to our peeps, don't chya' think?


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...
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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I'm trying to get better at calling people but I am a HUGE texter. I use well over 10,000 a month...DANG!

Praise the lord for unlimited, haha!


Anonymous said...

my guy hates texting he would rather talk on the phone but I"m a HUGE texter. I text my best friends, girlfriends, parents, siblings, etc.. I have sprint so I'm thankful for having unlimited texting lol cause I've seen how many text messages i send in a month. LOL Not good.

Amy said...

i LOVE talking on the phone, i a a huge conversationalist so sending/receiving a text is never the same as having a legit conversation!

lo said...

i am a horrific texter...and i even have an iphone... recently i went through 56 unread messages, id much rather speak on the phone or even email- ha, so old fashioned..

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