Monday, March 18, 2013

GREEN and Sassy

Happy day after St. Patty's Day to you all!! Hope you had a great time celebrating the luck of the Irish, and hope you guys aren't hurting too much today (if you indulged in a beer... or two... or more). Just wanted to spread some love to you all by sharing some of my very limited green attire! Mint green counts, right??

And just because I've been gettin' sassy pants widdit, here's where I'm feelin' the inner photo shoot coming out in me!

This is honestly the only green item I have in my closet that I wear now-a-days. Makes me think I need to shop more for mints because I love how it looks paired with gold!

Welp, until that day comes where I have limitless green clothes, I'll share what I do have... my LLL's of the week....

I love all the fun things hubs and I snatched while thrifting this weekend!! I've been having a blast with some arts and craft thangs, so beware... show and tell comin' up!

I learned that FAITH is what determines whether we have the patience or not to trust in God's work and plan for us.

I laughed at a convo I had with my BFF, talking a million words a minute... telling her my emotions have been up and down lately, feeling hot and cold at times like I was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but that day I was feeling particularly good, and without the bad's there wouldn't be as glorious goods, but I'm so grateful of the blessings  I do have in life.... and when I finally paused to catch my breath, she asked me, "So which Bev am I speaking with NOW??" That caused me to slow down for sure, while I laughed at the fact that she even caught what I was saying! Gotta love our BFF's!!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Mint is the only green I had, toooo!
I wore both on my mint shirts this weekend, haha!

Loving your sassssy poses...I'm all about the sass, giiirl ;) And those shoes are DARLING on you...yes!

Happy Monday?

Allison Taylor said...

I love that you wore something green! I wish I had... I literally got pinched for not wearing green!

haha best friends are the best :)

Amy said...

loving the outfit AND thrifting = winning!

Stephanie said...

Yes, mint counts. You look so cute!!

Wine and Summer said...

Love that outfit! SO cute and very festive!

Meg {henninglove} said...

you are green and sassy and that is why i like ya!

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