Thursday, March 7, 2013

Needled Necklace

There's something about when peeps compliment on your jewels and you're able to say, "This old thangg?? Oh I made it myself!" I ain't gon' lie... this DIY project didn't stress my fingers or strain my eyes.... BUT it was fun to make, especially because I got more practice using tubular beading tools!

I was able to connect the chain with extra links I cut, so I didn't need an extra clasp. All you essentially need is a chain, any type of statement beads/jewels that catch your eye, and some flat nosed pliers so you can remove the beads and attach them to your chain!

If you missed out on my wired rings, you can catch a glimpse here. I also made a vintage statement necklace I posted here.

What kind of jewels have you been crafting up lately? If not crafting, which ones have you been wearing? 


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

So dang cute! Your DIYs are getting cuter by the week, girl! Seriously.

I love this one and it looks fab with that top.

Seriously need to get on yooo level!


Leanne @ Simply Beautiful said...

Sooo...When are you opening up your Etsy shop?? ;)

Seriously though...You need to! You are so talented! Love it all!

Amy said...

As always, gorgeous! :)
Great DIY!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

You are making the cutest stuff!!!

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