Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 is herrrrrr!!

Cutest Wallpaper ever right? Found it at A Night Owl
Happy New Year!!!!

I feel refreshed today... it may be because the sun has been shining... or it may be just because it's January 1st and a time for new beginnings! Whatever it is... I'm totes embracing the moment! After all, January 1, 2013 only comes once in our lives!

2012 was such a milestone in my life.... I graduated with my PhD, and I got married... in ONE month! All my life has been building up to both those major events, and now that all is said and done, life has been quite confusing for me this far. I'm not sure which way to go... which leads me to celebrating the beginning of the year of 2013. I'm about to find my way because this year, it's all about implementing! Implementing my career, my marriage with my hubs without the stress of school, implementing everything I have learned in life thus far to make me an even stronger person!




Molly said...

Whooo hooo for your PhD! Oh, marriage is pretty great too =) Happy New Year pretty lady =)

The Sweet Life said...

Yahhh for those 2 huge milestones. And yah for seeing what's in store next. Happy 2013.

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