Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quiet Time

Everyone has a morning ritual... whether it's getting out of bed and headed straight for the shower... or straight to the gym... or straight to the coffee pot!! Whatever it may be, it's something you can't do without every single morning! Am I right??.... (I hope I be!).

Every morning after my cup of joe, morning kiss to my Hubs, and sweaty workout with my fellow bootcampers, I'm headed to get my spiritual uplift. I dedicate about 10 minutes to mute the radio and meditate in my quiet time. I have 2 main go-to sources of inspiration at the moment... a daily email from Joel Osteen, and a book that was a gift from my Aunt, Promises From God's Word for Women.

Today's Word with Joel and Victoria are emails that focus on one scripture from the Bible. What I love about these emails are the breakdown they provide us. They talk about how the scripture is applied in life, and how we can overcome any obstacles we may be facing throughout the day. Totally helps me put things into perspective!

The Promises from God's Word for Women book is uhhh-amazing!! I read a chapter each morning, and it also focuses on a scripture each day. Similarly to the emails, it talks about how you can interpret the scripture through life. Each chapter highlights other scriptures that are similar to the main scripture, and also has inspiring quotes from various authors.

I started writing down these scriptures, quotes, and anything else I came across that was motivational and moving to me. It really sets the tone of my day... and when I feel the lows coming on, I can open my notebook and remind myself of the positive things in life that I have to be thankful for.

Do you take any quiet time to soak in the good? I urge you friends to start your day with positivity... it really starts off your cray cray day with a bang!


Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

I always start my day off with a shower. It's a time where I can slowly wake up in peace and quiet. I also enjoy taking time and listening to classical music :)

Steph said...

Sounds like a great way to start the day! As hard as it can be to get up early and accomplish it all, it really sets the tone for the day (now if only I can remember that when my alarm goes off..).

emi said...

i LOVE this routine of yours! i have one, but mix it up depending on the day. always important to have a spiritual aspect of the morning though! makes for a much better day. love it! cutest blog as always!
xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hey heeeeey! Your morning sounds similar to mine :)
Coffee pot...duh! Gym! Shower! Quiet time then off to work...that's usually how my Monday-Friday looks!

The days that I skip my QT...OH GIRL I can totally tell a difference. I love my 15 minutes alone with the big man, forreals!

And your journal is gorgeous!


Maggie B. said...

Your handwriting is amazing. I'm super bad at committing to qt with god. But, a few times a week I listen to the bible during my lunch hour. In the morning, I have an hour from wake up to leave for work and I'm not willing to get up any earlier. Evening routine is usually blogs hike my husband watches tv.

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