Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organzing Chaos

How many things can you think of at the moment that can use some organizing? I can think of a million!!

Jewelry (always). The rubber bands scattered in my house. The top drawer of my file cabinet that has all of my office supplies stored in there. My spice cabinet in the kitchen. The middle closet that I tend to re-organize every few months just to find it scattered again. My closet. My hubs closet. My makeup. My paperwork around my office and on my computer and laptop. On and on....

This list can be quite overwhelming.... so I narrowed it down to a few key items to organize that will help me keep on track with my 2013 resolutions. What are they?? Sooo glad you asked!

My Pinterest boards need some cleaning up so I can actually utilize my pins for inspiration and not just adding to my endless dream closet I hope to have one day!

I have so many documents and folders on my computer. I need to do a major clean so I know what useful documents I have and where they be.

:: BLOG :: 
I want to organize my blog and add more structure to it. I use this bloggy blog as a journal to document my life at the moment. I want to head in a different direction and focus on specific topics (more to come on my blogiversary next week!!), so I need to strategize with a new blog notebook.

Wish me luck as I venture out and begin organizing, restructuring, and cleaning up my life!



Niki Caron said...

I really need to organize my Pinterest boards! There's stuff on there that's probably so old now! And my closet. Not a task I want to take on :)

Amy said...

Girl YES i need to organize SO MANY areas of my life! One day at a time!

Stephanie said...

I organized my pinterest and it took forever but was so helpful! I made sure every pin lead to the correct source page and renamed them all so I could search easily (especially in recipes!) I think I use it more now because it's not just a mess of images, it's things I acually plan on doing or cooking or buying one day.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I love organizing! When I started working I cleaned my classroom (of folders from the 70s, of useless junk, of dead pens and broken staplers..) and it was amazing! Now it is all mine and it feels so much more me! Amazing what a good organizing can do!
Happy Thursday!

Pink and Fabulous said...

I just did a blog post about this! I love organizing (insert nerd voice) and I going room by room this year to get it together. I totally organize my computer and Pinterest regularly! I can't wait to see what you do with your jewelry because that one always has me stumped! xo, Lindsay

Estelle La Mode said...

I need a cute way to organise my jewellery like that :)


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