Thursday, January 31, 2013

LLL Spotlight: Southern Beauty

Can you believe that this is the last and final day of January?!?! Dear 2013, please slow your roll!! I want to enjoy every minute of you as I possibly can.

I know I've slacked with my button swapping duties, but part of the initiative to blogging in a different direction is adhering to my responsibilities! So here we are... another shot at the spotlight up in herrrrr! One of my swapping buddies has been so fab as to answer a lil' Q&A I had for her. Meet Chelsee... she blogs at Southern Beauty Guide! She's got some great advice for makeup and anything to do with beauty! Ch-ch-ch-CHECK her out!

Describe your blog in one sentence.
A Sassy yet classy look into the life of a beauty obsessed Southern Belle. 

What motivated you to start blogging?
For years I have done hair & makeup for weddings and events in my hometown as well as in my sorority. I am know as somewhat of a beauty guru by many. I am always having many people contact me for: tips in beauty, makeup tutorials, product reviews, hair care, and much more. One Friday night I was at a girls night when one of my friends approached me about creating a blog. She suggested that it would be a great forum to answer questions and provide others with beauty information.  I thought about it and decided to go for it, I mean it would be a lot easier than dealing with Facebook and text messages. I still do get loads of questions in person and via text, but it has slowed down and many of my friends love having access to my beauty insight online. 

Favorite topic to blog about?
Product Reviews!!! I purchase all of my beauty products myself, and I pride myself on my ability to provide unbiased truthful verdicts on beauty products. I will never lead someone on to believe a product is great, when in fact is is not. I do admit that products work differently for different people, but I have no problem voicing my opinion on what products you should not waste you money on. 

Favorite beauty product you discovered in the last 30 days?
The Elf Eye Refresh! It is a really neat roller ball applicator that brightens and awakens your under eye area. I love it and recent did a review on it that you can find here!

What's your favorite part about living in Georgia?
Besides being close to my family, I love the beautiful scenery, weather, and traditions  Living in Georgia, as well as being in the deep south, it is normal to be called "ma'am" and experience true southern hospitality. These are things that are in my opinion hard to find once you step out of this great state. I know some may believe that all of us are Honey Boo Boo's, but I must say that that is not true of all Georgians. We are easy going, kind heart people that would give a stranger the shirt off our back. Georgia is a place where people wave and say hello regardless of if they know you or not. It is a place that I can truly call home. 

Go on and peep game Southern Beauty Guide... it'll be worth the click!

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