Monday, January 21, 2013

Born in the USA

Happy Monday my lovies! Today's a big day in America... not just because it's Monday FUNday. Today marks the 57th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony! My family even flew out to DC (thank you Groupon!) to witness this shin-digg!

When I went to Washington DC (back in 6th grade, but I remember every moment of that trip!), it was so surreal to me to see the historical monuments, especially the White House!

In honor of my citizenship to the best country of the universe, I thought I'd show off my patriotism by sporting some RED (if you can see my red belt), WHITE, and BLUE (if you concentrate, through the yellow tint you can make out my blue skinnies)!

On another note, I totes forgot my LLL's of the week last Monday, but I sho didn't forget em today!

I love that I stuck to my blogging schedule and to-do list this past weekend. I actually did what I planned to do, which is hard since weekends are key days I actually see my hubs and spend some QT with the man!

I learned this week that I blame my hubs more than I think I blame him. I'm not saying that it's all a bad blame game, but I am saying I'm more conscious of the lil' white blames, thanks to him pointing them out to me! I'm learning to share the blame if WE forgot to lock the door before bed!

My little brother told my sister to video tape his spray dance.... watch as he spray and snakes his life away! This kid makes me chukkle to the 100th power!

What were your LLL's of the week??



Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Look at you reppin that red, white & blue...gorgeous! You make America look fabulous, giiiirl :)

I went to DC with Adam's family over a spring break during high school...that place is incredible! I've wanted to go back ever since.

Have a beautiful week, my friend!

Niki Caron said...

Yay for inauguration day! You look SO pretty! And I love love love your hair!

emi said...

cute, i like the love, learn, laugh!! your blog is one of my faves! xo

Marlen said...

that's so so cool your family flew in to DC for the inauguration! it must have been so so amazing to see. and i love your red white and blue outfit, that was a nice touch :)

xo Marlen
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