Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The goooorl behind this blog!

It's time to join in on the fun with my first ever in all blog land... a VLOG!! Lindsay at Trial By Sapphire and Ashley at 5ohWifey are hosting another Girl Behind the Blog series #5! When I read the deets here, I had to put my game face on, and get a video prepped! 


The theme of this vlog was hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Okay.. not all of the above, but you get it... it was based on a goal we're looking towards achieving. Here are the specifics they asked for:

Introduce yourself and your blog.
What is one thing you are hoping to begin, accomplish, or change?
Why is this goal important to you?
What are your plans to achieve this goal?

So after a few re-takes of pretty much the same opening line of "HI I'M BEVERLY" and only lasting about 10 seconds until I was going way off topic, I finally made a complete video... best part is I have a co-host! Watch and learn friends!

WARNING! This video looks like I used the fish eye lens, and one side of my face looks a bit bulged... this is NOT reality, and I couldn't record it again, so what you see is what you get! My fish-eyed face! ANDDD lighting is all bad... but guess what? First vlog = EXCUSED!

Hope I didn't scurrrr you away! Link up with Lindsay and Ashley and give us your SNIPPET!


Rachel said...

What you've accomplished lately is great! School and getting married--they're both pretty big and take a lot of time and attention!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you decided to vlog. Congrats on finishing your dissertation and on getting married! So glad you linked up!

Alli @ Brooks' Blog said...

Aw such a good message :)inspiring even. Definitely something I need to work on myself. Thanks for sharing1

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Bev, you are just too much fun! You are the vlogger who people watch and then think, "I want to hang out with her." TRUTH.

You are so awesome for the major milestones you've just conquered! Dissertation! Marriage! That's a lot to chew on, but here you are, vlogging and smiling and being your same sweet self! I have faith that I'll be able to keep blogging while in grad school now that you've set the bar (maybe too high?)!

Thank you SO MUCH for linking up! You are awesome! Oh, and awesome first vlog! WAHOO!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I'm SO SO glad that you finally did a vlog! :)
You are JUST how I pictured in my head! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

And I'm so with you on being in the present. I'm so awful at keeping grounded; my head is always spinning in 1,000 directions! But I DO owe it to've worked SUPPAAA hard to get where you are today, girl!



Brittany said...

AWW I love your dog, so cute :)
Just found your blog through the link up, I did my first one today too!
Congrats on getting married & finishing grad school! That is awesome. Definitely enjoy it. It's hard for me to be present too, so that's something I'm working on as well. Loved your video!

jami lynn said...

You did great, this is your first Vlog?! You're a natural!

... and cute co-host!

Alesha said...

You are adorable! And I love your goal! I'm excited to be following along from the link up! =)
Alesha <3

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

LOVE THIS!! So great to put a voice to your awesome self!!
I love your goal- I had the same one a bit ago and it has been great!! It's great being present!!
Love ya!

Molly said...

You sound exactly like I imagined in my head =). Your dog is adorable. Yay for vlogging. I may have to try it one day soon.

Sarah said...

You have such a pretty smile and the look your dog gave the camera at the end was presh!!

Thanks for giving us a snippet of your personality and life!

Have a great Thursday (I'll be in bed, Doctors orders)

Sarah @ Crazy Beautiful Life

BlushnCheeks said...

Your adorable, I hate you!! lol. Just kidding. you know I love you. So cute I totally love the partner. You did a great job on your first vlog. YAY, its over check it off your to-dos.

Laura said...

Love this! I would never have known it was your first one - but I do because I visit everyday!! It's amazing how much more you feel like you know a person just by hearing their voice. Too cute!

Chelsea said...

love your cohost :)

It can be so hard to be present and content. But what an awesome goal! Congrats on finishing school and getting married!

Anonymous said...

This link up was my first vlog too! lol. I think I was going crazy after so many "Hey guys! I'm Paige!"

I honestly think when I'm out of school, I will not know what the heck to do with my brain.

Congrats on getting married! I'm a newlywed as well (May 14th!). Isn't it great?

haha, I'm gonna follow you now! I love your vlog/blog! :)

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