Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Faves!

Happy Friday to you  America!! This week has flew by, and it honestly feels like I just wrote a High Five for Friday post! But not complaints on this end... this is a glorious thing!

So let's celebrate by counting down our five most fave things of this past week, and link up again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for a High Five for Friday!


:: one ::
This week, I made it through three series of our Maui trip I shared on this bloggy blog!! I've got a few more series to go, sharing our last week and weekend in Maui, PLUS the BIG wedding day that I'm so sick of waiting to share with you guys! (Please cross your fingers I receive the disc over the weekend in the mail! EEEEEK!!!!)

ANDDDD... adding onto this number ONE fave of the week, today marks our one month anniversary! Oh the joy my husband has fulfilled in just this first month of being married :)

:: two ::
This week, I've been working on drafting up our family tree with the good ol' pencil and eraser.... and MAN!! What a job this is!! I have 8 pages so far, and it's not even near complete! I can't wait to search for a user-friendly software so I can put it all in the computer! **Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated for family tree software!

 :: three ::
Honestly, these were the bestest, juciest, sweetest cherries I have ever had in my entire life!! TRUE STORY!! My gal pal's family has a cherry orchard, and sells these puppies every year. So some goooorls and I split a 20 pound box amongst 4 of us, and indulged in some delish cherries! I must say... I don't know if I can share a 20 pound box the next round of ordering!!

:: four ::
I took these guys out the entire week, and yesterday's hike/run wore these puppies down!! They fell behind the entire way home! It was sure nice to get some peace and quiet when we got home b/c I cleaned like no other!!

:: five ::
A week from today I'll be sharing some QT with my lovely family (the beautiful faces below), and I - C A N N O T - W A I T ! !

How has your week been treating you? Plans for the weekend? Don't forget to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

OOOOKay those cherries look delis! I seriously love them!

And I'm sitting here crossing my fingers that you get your pictures in THIS WEEKEND :)

My patience are wearing thin ;)


BlushnCheeks said...

I love cherries, I can eat a pound at a time. My week has been so busy, Im having a hard time catching up on all my fav. bloggie girls. I cant believe you have been married a month already. Time flies when your in love!! 8 pages of a family tree thats impressive, I think I would probably have one page. lol.. Have a great weekend.

Lindsay said...

Those cherries look absolutely delicious! Makes me want some right now. Congrats on your one month anniversary! Sounds like a great week! Popping over From my Grey Desk. Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

those cherries look SO yummy! :) and your family always looks SO happy!! I love it :) hope you had a good weekend! xox

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