Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decisions... Decisions...

Now that things have calmed down in life (for now), my mind hasn't fully grasped everything. I successfully defended and now have my PhD... and I am officially a MRS. Two things that I have worked so hard towards in life, and have always dreamed since I was oh so young. In the midst of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I started to make a list of things that I wanted to work on when I was completely done!

Here's some of those things I've been obsessing over:

  • Edit the gazillion Maui pictures I have on my computer
  • Read books I've been dying to read
  • Complete the million DIY projects Pinterest has inspired
  • Play with my our new goodies for the house we received for the wedding
  • Complete a wedding scrapbook
  • Update my bloggy blog
  • Oh yea... and start career searching for the ideal company I want to begin my career with! 

My problem (which isn't really a problem compared to my previous problems with dissertating and wedding planning) is where to begin!! Obvi I'll be investing time every day into career searching, but I don't feel so pressured to jump into it immediately... I've been taking my time with the searching!

So do I make an official checklist? Or do I let my mood choose which task to do at that time?

Haven't you ever thought to yourself, "Self... when I'm done with ____, I am SO gonna invest time into _____!" Did you ever think about what you would do FIRST? How'd ya know? Decisions.. decisions... and it feels great to have these decisions to make!


Simone said...


I remember these feelings at the end of such big accomplishments/milestones .... I am so happy for you! I definietly recommend taking time for yourself ASAP!!! The scrapbook and wedding related stuff can wait... Read a book! Search for a job that will make you content. Do some DIYing. And of course post on your blog!
Congrats again!
-Simone @

Niki said...

Congratulations on getting married AND completing your PhD! Those are two very big moments!

I write things down as they come to me - I am a lister. I have 5 different "to do" lists in my iPhone (for different things), plus one in my planner, and a notebook for random thoughts. And I just kind of rely on my gut for what to do first. Hopefully those end up being the most important things, right?!

Brielle said...

YAYYY for your two HUGE accomplishments :) I would take some time to yourself and get settled into being a Mrs. and enjoy it before starting the job search! you have your entire life to work you mine as well take a few weeks to do some fun stuff now !! xox

Alana Christine said...

Yay! Congrats!! What big achievements!

Bree said...

YOU are a freakin' rockstar!! :)) So proud of you and all you've accomplished girl! What an awesome feeling to just be able to relax and do fun things now and enjoy the career search.


Laura said...

Way to go!!! My suggestion is to get lost in a good book. Let it take you out of reality for a little while. Then do a couple DIY's - it feels so great to make something by yourself :) Whatever you choose enjoy your life!

amit said...
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amit said...

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The Sweet Life said...

Just enjoy this time in your life...aka do what feels natural and the rest will fall into place. Start by reading 50 shades! ;)

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