Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SATC Edition for OHP

Remember my post last week about how I swoon over some Carrie Bradshaw (Zsa Zsa Zhu)? Welp, I'm spilling my swoon-ness into this week for an edition of OHP! Who doesn't love her style, right?

I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for an Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! Enjoy some gorg pictures of this sassy NYC girl!

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

What have you been pinning lately? Link up with Michelle and share your top fave!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

The color of that first dress is to die for! GORGEOUS!
And it's funny, because the first time I met Adam's mom (back in 2005) I told her that she looked like Carrie from SATC...and she told me she gets that all the time! SO funny :)

Enjoy your day sweet thaaaang!

Sarah Grace said...

SJP is fantastic...i love how bold her fashion choices are!

happy wednesday! xoxo, sarah grace

Tarabelle said...

Oh the memories! I miss SATC sooooo much!


Stesha Jordan said...

sex and the city you are fabulous!!


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