Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Love

He's the apple of my eye... my best friend for the past 10 years... the man that makes me smile no matter what kind of day I'm having... my companion... my hero. Happy 30th birthday to my sweet dear loving one-of-a-kind Hubs!!!

Though this man deserves the world on a silver platter, I tried as best as I could to spoil this kid over the weekend. For a man who works 7 days a week, well over 40 hours, it was superb to see him relax for his birthday weekend! Catch a glimpse at the festivities!
(From left to right) Wine tasting // Birthday Boots // Yours truly // His & Hers drinks // Dog walking // Cheese please with our wine // Brisk morning walk // Kisses from Moana // Me with the birthday-month boy!
And for my LLL's of the week are a shout out to the birthday boy! LOVE my hubs, LEARNED that my love for him is like fine wine- gets even better as it ages.... LAUGHED with him (at him) as he stumbled across the rocky driveway in his cowboy boots as left wine tasting!

Hope you all had a fantab weekend... especially if you have today off for Veteran's Day (hooorahhh!).


Jo said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the birthday weekend together. Looks like you had loads of fun!

Niki Caron said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your Hubby! It looks like you had a fun weekend!

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