Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Happy Election Day!! Today, Americans will determine who the next President of the United States will be. I'm excited, anxious, and nervous to hear who America has voted for. Whomever it ends up being, he has a long road ahead of him in trying to repair the damages we are still suffering from in result of our recent recession. May the odds be ever in his favor!

I wanna share my LLL's with you from the past week since I'm missed out on blogging yesterday!

I love football season because it means I get to see my family every other weekend when they come for home games!

I was super duper homesick when my family left, which is total downfall of them visiting (but well worth it!). I cried like a little baby when we dropped them off at the airport... but my sweet dear hubs cheered me up in no time! I learned that shopping helps ease the soul when I miss my fam bam... particularly the purchase of his and her iPhone 5's!

When the family is here, we do nothing BUT chukkle our lives away!! And I mean laugh from the gut, throw your head back, cheeks hurt kinda' funny!
What did you love, learn, and laugh about this week?


Jo said...

Even on this side of the world we are waiting with bated breath to hear the outcome of the elections .... did I really just say bated breath :)

Oooh lucky girl ... glad your husband knows how to buy happiness :)

Molly said...

Happy Election Day! I can't wait to watch the returns tonight. I am teaching until 8:30, but then my butt will be parked in front of the t.v

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the his/hers iPhones and that they are different colors :) I also just saw the Candy Corn in your last post- AHHH love candy corn! Have a good week girl xox

Niki Caron said...

What a fabulous gift from your hubby!!! And that's so great that you get to see your family every other weekend, I love your photos under "laugh", I can tell you all have such a good time together!

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