Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Loved, Learned, and Laughed About

Happy Monday peeps! Hope your weekend was full of love, laughter and some!! Ours was full of boxing... that's right... my fiancé is a huge fan of Manny Pacquiao! I have to admit that I myself like watching him fight too! He's such a humble man, who is ooberly aggressive in the ring. Things were going just fine in our house... Pacquioa was dominating each round, and even scored higher than Bradley in 11 of the 12 rounds... and then BOOM!! Bradley was announced the winner and our mood in the house just turned super silent. Quite the disappointment to hear that Bradley was announced the new champ... even though the stats (and common sense) said otherwise!! WOMP!!

Good news is that we BBQ'd for the fight, and I had a scrummy turkey burger :) Gotta look on the bright side, right?? Anyhoots, moving on with Monday Funday's post... last week I brought up starting a series on this bloggy blog called my LLL's, which stands for Love, Learn, and Laugh (hence the title of my blog). Without further ado, here are my LLL's of the week!

I love that I passed my final defense (if you haven't heard by now)!! It's just a huge accomplishment that I've been waiting for since the day I started grad school! WOOP WOOP!!

I learned that this wedding is approaching me wayyyy faster than I imagined!! I've been so indulged with dissertating, that time has been just slippin' away from me... 9 days to be exact.... AHHHHHHHHH!!

I caught an I Love Lucy marathon on Friday AND Sunday, and I from the gut as I always do! I didn't even have to watch the tv to know what was happening... I've watched her episodes so many times, I knew exactly what was happening by hearing it all while I sat at my desk in my office! The episode where Lucy and Ethel bet Ricky and Fred that they can live from the 1900's was on, and watching Lucy knead the dough was hilarious!!

Those were my love, learn, and laugh moments from the week... What were your LLL's of the week?


Ronida Veedor said...

I feel your disappointment! I'm from the Philippines and the disappointment is like times 10 over here. Everyone prepared for the fight, like the streets were deserted because everybody's watching PacMan's fight. It's a real boo! :(

Brook said...

I watched that Lucy episode yesterday and cracked up! How funny is that bread? Great LLL list this week!

Molly said...

I didn't watch the fight, but I heard about the super controversial decision. I can't believe it is only 9 days! Ahhh so exciting =)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I am so excited for you & your man!
Seriously - it's gonna be awesome!

I know I comment on this part of your post, ohhh everyday...haha but I am wedding obsessed!

Happy Monday, girl!

Jayme and Mendi said...

9 Days!! Wow!! That is way too exciting and will be here in a blink of an eye!! Hope it's an amazing experience!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Casey said...

Loving- this summer weather!
Learning- Volunteering is good for the soul :)
Laughing- at the work my students turned in. They are so creative!

Yeah for 9 days!

Brielle said...

LOVE the LLLS!!!

Loving- yummy healthy food!
Learning- A LOT at my internships
Laughing- at my dog, boyfriend, and people in general :)

CAN"T BELIEVE YOU ARE IN THE SINGLE DIGITS till your big day!! I am so excited for you!! xox

GingerPeachT said...

Woohoo married woman in 9 days!! That's awesome!!
Oh I love Lucy too :-)
I love this concept of this post.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I have been a little MIA:
-Congrats on your defence you are amazing and inspiring and hard working and deserve everything that you achieved!!
-NINE DAYS!! YAY!!! It will go even faster each day- don't forget to savour everything, it only happens once!!
-I think this should be a link up!! I want to love learn and laugh too!

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