Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Love... My Pins

Hellllo hump day! Today marks the ONE WEEK countdown!! That's right folks... seven days from today at this very moment, I'll probably be running around like a mad woman trying to make sure everything is set up right, getting ready, making sure all the bridesmaids are ready, and everything else to conquer the world as the bride should on her wedding day, right??

Linking up with Ms. Michelle from The Vintage Apple, I'm joining in on another Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! I'm in the la la loving mood, and wanted to spotlight my pins on some romantical ones, and wedding shots I've been obsessing over! Feast your eyes on these pins!! (please note, Pinterest has been acting up on my computer for the past few days, so I will put up the sources as soon as I am able to!)

:: one ::
Pinned here
:: two ::
Pinned here
:: three ::
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:: four ::
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 :: five ::
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:: six ::
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:: seven ::
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:: eight ::
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:: nine ::
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:: ten ::
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Molly said...

I can't believe it is only a week away. That is so exciting. I love those pictures especially nine and ten. Have fun this week!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

#6 is hilarious!
It totally looks like something Adams friends would do haha :)

Try to relax and not go TOO cray cray this week, girl!

Enjoy every moment :)

Amy said...

Love the pictures and SOOOOOOO exciting that it's only a week away!! :) :) :)

BlushnCheeks said...

HAHAHA, I love the bride and bridesmaids chugging the beers. You must be so excited is soo close.. omg, Im happy for you.

Bree said...

I loveee #6! I saw this on pinterest the other day and cracked up. ;)) And number 10. <33 loveee!

Bev!!!I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! Yay yay yay!

Melissa said...

AWWW I love these pictures, I don't think I could pick my favorite! I hope you have a wonderful week, Congratulations!!! :)
Here are some pictures from my wedding (little over a year ago) maybe it can help you with some (more) inspiration for pictures for YOUR day coming up...

<3 Melissa

Life With Lauren said...

Adorable pins! Love the one with the bride and groom on each side of the door!

Cait said...

ohmygosh i love all of these :) great blog girl!

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