Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet and Greet- Coming from the MRS.!!

Why hello there readers!! By this time, I am MRS. PHILIPP!! Wooooooooooop!!! I can't wait to come back from Maui and fill you in with all the deets, and of course the wonderful pics! WARNING: I will probably be talking about the wedding for quite some time on this bloggy blog, so be ready!

Until then, let's get down to my next group of June gal pals! First up...

Courtney @ Little Moments
Hi! I am Courtney and I blog over at Little Moments! I am an Interior Designer that works in commercial design for hotels and resorts during the day, but LOVE to craft, design and look at the "pretty" things of design that doesn't involve the paperwork that comes with commercial design. That's where my blog took off. Join me for adventures in daily design, DIY projects and all the "little moments" around my semi-newlywed household!

This gal has got quite some taste with her home decor, and her taste buds!! Look at her pictures... they all say so!

Next up is...

Meghan @ Shine On

Meghan is super adorbs... I love reading about her new adventures she is getting ready to take, especially a move from TN back to WA (yessss we'll be blogging neighbors!!).

Alright alright... go and pay them a visit now.. CHOP CHOP!


Chelsea Crouse said...


BlushnCheeks said...

I can't believe it, WOWSER!! I cant wait to see all the pics and here all the details. I just love happy endings. Im missing you sunshine...

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Yay!!! Congratulations MRS. PHILLIPS!!
Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

Simone said...

Congrats Bev! Can't wait til you are back to read about your adventures! Also, you will have to write a post to accept the Versatile Blogger Award that i am awarding you with! Love your blog!


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