Monday, June 25, 2012

Arts and Craft Time - Guest Post

Hi! I'm Brook from Cutesy Bootsie and I'm so happy to be a guest here at la la Love, Learn and Laugh while Beverly is becoming a Mrs. I blog about whatever seems to be going on in my life, knitting and
crafts, my reality TV addiction, clothes and accessories I love, Pinterest, and recipes I have managed to

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite things: washi tape!  Here's a secret, I have a little decorative box that is filled with washi tape.  I love the stuff!  When I first started seeing washi tape projects on my other obsession, Pinterest, I knew I needed some.  I couldn't find any except one or two patterns at the craft store.  Finally I ordered some from then I found some in the office supply aisle at Target. 

  • washi tape
  • wooden word or letter
  • X-acto knife

Start by covering your word with your tape.  Line it up.  If your letters aren't straight, figure out how to keep your tape straight.  Or, tape it on an angle.  Seriously, there is no right or wrong way to be creative.

in order to
keep it consistent, I covered the whole way across
After it is all covered, use your X-acto knife to carefully cut away the excess tape.  I cut around the letters - inside and out.

That's it!  Nearly instant gratification and a fun way to use that washi tape stash.
Thanks Ms. Brook for guest posting today!! Love arts and craft, and this is simply adorbs and totes do-able!! Visit Brook at Cutesy Bootsie!

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BlushnCheeks said...

Oh man, thats something I can totally do. Thanks for the tut. Have a great Monday

Melissa said...

SO cute!!

<3 Melissa

*Hosting my first giveaway...*

tinko :) said...
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tina siko said...

Why is it called washi tape? Is that like a brand name or is that what the type of tape is just called?


Bree said...

Aw what a good idea!! I'm gonna go check out that site for the tape! :))

andy brienne said...

I feel uncreative right now. And crafty enough to steal this idea. Goooood post.

ms.composure said...

ok that is a VERY cute idea! i never thought of doing that!

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