Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet Love

You know it's the holidays when the oven never shuts off, and you're baking your life away on the weekends! We had a few dinners to go to, so I made a few of these Italian White Wine cakes to take along with us! The key ingredient to this bunt cake.... the white wine glaze. Oh em gee... melt-in-your mouth slap-my-butt-no-way kinda good!

I also had the pleasure meeting some girlfraaannnnds for lunch yesterday, which was just what I needed!! Good laughs + great company and goodies = one superb Monday FUNday! I made for the first time in my life peanut butter truffles, which just melted in your mouth.

And here are some of the goodies I took home! These cookies aren't just any cookies people! They're cowboy cookies with the hugest chocolate chips evahhhh! And my gal pal totes made her own caramel that were so scrummy it wasn't even funny (yes.. past tense because they are now goneZO!). WOWSERS is all my tummy has to say!

And of course, none of these sweet things have calories (that count around this holiday season!), which makes em even more delish! What are some of your sweet treat faves??

P.S. Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday.... you helped lift my spirits, and I la la love you all!


Niki Caron said...

Thank goodness that calories don't count this time of year! I was starting to get worried. All of this looks delicious!

Allison Taylor said...

I'm glad you got to spend time with your girlfriends! All of those treats are making my mouth water.... So good!

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