Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

M E R R Y * C H R I S T M A S * B L O G G E T T E S !!!

CHRISTmas means...
* Giving praise and glory to our Heavenly Father for the birth of his son, Jesus Christ
* Spending this time with family and loved ones as we celebrate a wonderful year together
* Giving back as much as we are able to... to those that are less fortunate, and to those who need uplifting
* Going to church and listening to the kiddos sing their little hearts away
* Caroling and spreading Christmas cheer to others

Muuurrrrrrrrrry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


Amy said...

Merry Christmas dear! I hope y'all have a truly wonderful day!

Danavee said...

The perfect Christmas list! LOVE IT!

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