Monday, December 17, 2012


I ain't gonna front...  last week was a hard one for me! Tried to stay positive, and keep my mind stimulated, but I tell ya'... it wasn't an easy thing to do (or even try to do!). As the holidays approach us closer and closer, I get more and more home/family sick. I miss them. I miss being home with everyone. I miss the kiddos. Sooooo today, I'm asking for some encouraging words, which you guys excel at during times like these! Not only encouragement for myself, but for others close and afar from me. In Connecticut, in Samoa, in Cali, in Oregon... errrrywhere!

Though I ask you guys for some encouragement, I still was able to pull out what I loved, learned, and laughed about last week. Here are my LLL's!

I love the little kiddos in my family even more after the tragic events went down last week...still thinking about those families that need our prayers who lost their young children

This past week, I learned that my husband has my back through thick and thin... all I need to do is talk to him! It's something I will probably continuously learn throughout my entire life.

My little brother called me to give me a snippet of his Christmas show at school (bottom line his incentive was a trip to the toy store). He sang All I Want for Christmas is You and after a verse and chorus, I cheered with some hoots and hollers and he says..."WAIT! I'm not even done yet!" LOL he's got the spirit!

What did you love, learn and laugh about last week???


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about missing family!! I hopey ou had a nice weekend and this week is easier! xox

Niki Caron said...

I'm sorry you had a tough week Bev! It must be tough being away from your family for the holidays but I see from your posts that you are a tight knit group and there's a lot of love there! So I hope thinking about that will make things easier for you! xoxo

Jo said...

Thinking of you! It's been seven years since our family have all been together so I know the feeling!


Bree said...

I'm so sorry you're missing your family dear!

Wishing you great happy times in the next few days!

xoxo Miss chatting with you! Lets chat soon. :)

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