Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh, How I've Missed Thee!!

Well HI-low my lovely friends!! I know it's been awhile since I last blogged, and even while longer since I was on the regular! In fact, I gasped when I visited my own blog, and saw the last posting was exactly two weeks ago.. annnnndddd it was another catch up session! We just got extremely busy with family after family coming to visit, which means tons of cleaning, cooking, and having good fun times with em!

Not only did I break from blogging, but I had a break from tweet-a-leeting, instagramming, and facebooking. That little cleanse felt UH-mazing!! I was able to do what I had hoped I could do when Thanksgiving came around... I spent each and every minute with my loved ones without distractions of social networking. I never realized how much it took from me to "quickly look something up"... or to "post a picture of us really quick even though it takes forever to choose which filter to use" My wish is that each and every one of you were able to do the same and make the best of the moments especially now during the holiday season!!

With that said, absence made my heart grow fonder... and I MISSED YOU ALL!!! All that time away... there's only one thing to do... catch up by photo bombing you today!!
Made some use of our corks with a lil' Thanksgiving DIY with my brother and sister!
Spent some well needed QT with this adorbs lil' man!
Toured campus with my Philipps!
Played what was supposed to be all FUN games of bowling, but intensified as the night went on!
Watched the Beavs play with the fam in the rain
Ended our season as #13, anddddd found out we're going bowling in Texas!
I've recharged myself with so much love from my family, and I can't wait to fuel up with more la la love for Christmas!

My LLL's of the week...
I lovvvvvve my sisters, and the help and support they showered me with while visiting!!

I learned that no matter how small your house/apartment is, no matter how much money you have or don't have, all you need is the foundation of your family to get through each day. I am SO thankful to continuously learn this lesson throughout my life.

I had a great laugh at myself when my neighbor knocked on my door, and asked if that was my dog sitting on the patio... I looked down, and there was Marley! I left HIM out when I took the doggies to use the bathroom outside. First it was Moana... now Marley?!?! LOL

What have YOU lovies been up to?? I can't wait to read in your hood, and see what you all have been blogging about! SMOOCHES!!!


Brook said...

Great to see you! Love the cork place cards! The baby is way too presh!

Niki Caron said...

Hahaha oh no I can't believe you left him outside! I did that to my cat once, and he hates being outside (I know, weird cat)! It must have been SO nice to recharge! Sometimes I feel like I need a week or two off myself! I love the Thanksgiving corks!

Jo said...

Hi, nice to 'see' you again.

Love the cork place card holders ... I might just do it come Christmas

Brielle said...

love all of your pictures!! and the wine cork name holders turned out ADORABLE!! glad you are back :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

You've definitely been missed, girl :)
But I'm SO glad that you enjoy spending so much QT with your fam! I'm loving the DIY place corks?! YES PLEASE!

love. love. love!

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