Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've been having a swell birthday week thus far, enjoying every moment of it. It's been full of family, love, laughter, food and some superb wine!! This household is officially turning into some WINE-OH's! We finally made a trip to the Oregon wineries! Since we stepped foot in the state of Oregon over 3 years ago, everyone spoke highly of Oregon's wine, and the experience of wine tasting! We love us some wine!! It only took us three years to realize it's time to take the half hour trip and taste our lives away!

First stop was Eola Hills... home of some of Oregon's famous and delish wine! This was one of my fave wineries (possibly because we were able to taste up to 7 types of wine which was complimentary). We totes lucked out with a great wine-ologist (so I called him) who wasn't keeping count at all! I think we may have tasted the entire menu which was sooo over the limit of 7!

The beauty of going wine tasting in this area is that there are multiple wineries along the same highway within a mile apart from each other! I wish I would have known this three years ago! I sooo would have been there way back when!

So we hopped in the truck and traveled down the highway, not even an entire song-length of a drive! On to Firesteed we went, which was a bit smaller than Eola Hills, but definitely not disappointing! This place has a charge of $5 a person to partake in wine tasting, but we totes lucked out yet again! As we were walking into the winery, a couple was leaving, and hinted to us wine tasting is complimentary today because the wine-ologist was feeling lovely since it was her birthday! So our group walked in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and sure enough... we tasted the entire menu fo' FREE! 

GORG weather, family, and six bottles of wine later.... we made it home and added these babies to our wine family!


Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

Happy birthday! I love going to wineries. We have a bunch of them in my area. That's actually what I did for my bachelorette :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ohh giiiirl!
You know me & my wine...guess I need to come see what Oregon has to being to the table ;)

Glad you're enjoying your birthday deserve it!


Kira said...

I live in Oregon and I have never done a wine tour! Looks like a lot of fun. And...happy birthday :)

Niki Caron said...

Mmmm wine! I am so jealous of all your photos - it looks like you had a beautiful day!

Jessica said...

How fun! Great pictures!

Love Meghan said...

happy {belated} birthday! looks like you've been having a blast! :)

jami lynn said...

Happy Birthday Beverly!

The husband and I LOVE to go wine tasting, we've been wanting to take a trip to Oregon just for the wine. Looks like you had a great time and the scenery is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Looks like I need to go to Oregon!!! Sounds totes amazing!!! Your pics are wonderful!!!

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