Monday, February 25, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

A week ago from today, I was celebrating another year of glorious life. Makes me realize how time really flies... if I feel like I was blowing out the candle on my tiramasu like it was just yesterday, I can only imagine (not quite remember!) all that time that has elapsed in the first third of my life. This past birthday was one that I really reflected back on what I've accomplished, failed forward with, and learned. I also thought about the direction I want to head in throughout the next third of my life... and how my attitude will be the driving force behind it all.

A few things that have and always will remain constant in my life....

  • HUBS... He's been the driving force behind who I am today. He's the one to support my triumphs, pick me up when I fall down, and cheer me on when I'm running short on fuel.
  • FAMILY... They are always encouraging me through every chapter of my life. From my long education journey... to moving away and trying to make my way back him! I wouldn't be the person I am today without them!
  • FRIENDS... They (YOU GUYS TOO) always have my back and show me love just as my family would! I consider my friends my family (and my family my friends!). They help me feel normal at the most "weirdest" times of my life!
Whether it's your past, future or present... appreciate and lean on the things that have made you the person you are today, and the person you aspire to be! Let your little light shine on yourself and others each and every day!



Jo said...

I know I'm a week late but Happy birthday! I hope this new year will be filled with wonderful and unexpected surprises

Molly said...

Ah I can't believe I missed saying Happy Birthday. I have been a blogging ghost recently, but I hope you had a birthday as wonderful as you are.

Amy said...

Loved this post!
It is a great reminder to list the things that are constant in our lives!

Allison Taylor said...

One year older and wiser too ;) So glad everything is in its right place right now... sounds like everything is VERY happy over there!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Time truly does fly by fast! I hope you had a great birthday!

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